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Original ThunderHome

ThunderHomes were designed to minimize environmental impact while providing safe and comfortable dwellings, offering a viable alternative to relief emergency housing. This low-cost, award-winning design can be utilized by underdeveloped countries or those facing environmental devastation. The pre-built truss design allows for fast economical construction that provides a living area 6' above existing grade, taking two people only one day to build.


ThunderHomes Disaster Relief Housing and Custom HousingThe Original ThunderHome was created as a low-cost option to provide living area quickly, virtually anywhere. With the gusseted trusses, this unique design allows for both ground and air movement.


Tested by both time and structural engineers, the ThunderHome has consistently proven resistant to the elements. As a matter of fact, over the last ten years the very first structure has withstood two hurricanes, wind, rain, and brutal sun in southwest Florida! Click on the following to read more about ThunderHomes as an alternative to disaster relief housing.


In addition to the affordable housing offered to third world countries, this building can multi-task in a variety of domestic areas. The Original ThunderHome offers the same alternatives for relief housing in a disaster-torn area anywhere in the United States. This unique structure also can be used as shelter for homeless individuals or families needing temporary assistance.


ThunderHome II

Our new ThunderHome II model is a somewhat larger version of the Original ThunderHome, offering increased headroom and floor space to the living area while providing considerable additional storage below. It also includes standard stair access with complimentary deck options. The ThunderHome II offers a pleasurable escape as a writer’s studio, guest cottage, teenage rec room or even a man-cave!


Other uses include commercial ventures such as eco-camps in nature preserves and fishing or hunting camps. This expanded model requires slightly more time and space to construct but can be used as basic relief housing similarly to the Original ThunderHome. To learn more about the refined options this unique building can offer, view the custom housing page.


Scale Models - New ThunderHome II



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